Below you will find a list of services offered at Adam Fine Idea, along with various descriptions and examples. Each project is unique, to get your project started contact me at to get an estimated quote. The average rate is typically between $20 - $75 per hour, this price is determined by the magnitude of workload associated with your project, but rest assured it will be affordable, fair, and the end result will exceed your expectations both in quality and turn-around time! 

3D Modeling & 3D Printing

3D modeling and/or printing using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) softwares. The modeling software I use will depend on the project at hand. This service is primarily for those who have a design that has been mostly developed and would like to bring it into the next dimension via modeling alone or possibly the real world through 3D printing. If you would like something modeled, modeled and printed, or simply printed, this is likely the service plan for your project. 

Examples: 3D renderings, technical drawings, Thingiverse prints, prototype construction, etc.

Rapid Prototyping

Need an idea brought to life? This service plan is the bread and butter of Adam Fine Idea, I will use all my tools and skills to ensure your napkin sketch or 3D model is developed into a functional construct that you can bring to investors or manufacturers . Please keep in mind that this Research and Development stage will often take several iterations before something is fully functional, and while I do have several wonderful tools I do not have manufacturer-level equipment so the prototype will often not be exactly the same as the final manufacturer product.

Examples: Proof of concepts, manufacturing prototype, personal device, etc.  

Laser CUtting & Etching

Laser cutting is a wonderful technology that permits incredibly precise movements and control of power. The machine I have has a bed size of about 12"x 20"  (515mm x 305mm) and can cut or engrave up to approximately 0.5" (12.7mm). Laser cutting or engraving is wonderful for making gifts, precise tools, and incredible artwork. Most of the products on my co-shop Cosita Bonita Co. are actually made from the laser cutter!

Examples: Designer clock, acrylic stencil, storage boxes, gears, photo etching or monogram on a leather notebook


2D Vector Design

Vector artwork is incredibly versatile because of its capability to be modified without losing quality, and it retains dimensions. Both of these factors are incredibly useful for both artwork and blueprints, and with this service plan I can help with both! If you need your artwork digitized, technical schematics drafted, or would like your very own logo designed this is the service plan for you  

Examples: AW Gear logo, manufacturing schematics, vector "tidying", digital coloring, etc.

Assembly & Repair

Most projects aren't of original concept, in fact the vast majority are of assembly or repair. To be clear I am not an electrician or other repair service in that context, but I have a series of tools, methods, and experience to repair broken objects that would otherwise be thrown out. I may use my 3D printers to reconstruct broken components, and if I can't fix it you won't be charged. The assembly aspect is also very simple, if you don't have the time, tools, or desire to assemble store-bought things, allow me!

Examples: Simple electronic repairs, simple household repairs, IKEA furniture assembly, etc.

Arm Model to Print.jpg

Custom Prosthetic Devices

In my own time I am working on creating advanced prosthetic devices. If you have some kind of physical limitation I will work with you to create something that will make your life a little bit easier, be it a 3D printed arm (see the video on my home page) or some other adaptive living mechanism I will utilize the customizabilty of 3D printing to accommodate your needs. Because this service falls in line with my personal research I offer this service at a discounted rate than my other services 

Examples: 3D printed prostheses, adaptive handles/tools, wheelchair add-ons, etc. 

Instructions & Demos

I love introducing people to the wonderful world of creation and the constantly updating technologies that come along with. I can teach just about anyone the basics of 3D modeling, 2D vector design, and provide information on free websites and programs that allow you to develop your skills even after the class is over. For most events I travel to I will even bring my 3D printer for demos! 

Examples: Intro classes, specific program lessons, techniques for designing, tour of my workshop